Nicole Aptekar

Nicole with Triangle

Nicole Aptekar lives and works in San Francisco, CA

Her work is focused on harnessing basic shapes from the digital world, and through careful composition and contemporary CNC fabrication techniques, realizing complex and graceful forms in our tangible reality. She is fascinated by the transitionary state humanity has found itself in, where the boundaries of digital and physical, virtual and real, having only just been established, are almost immediately washing away. Her work lives on this tenuous divide, confusing the notion of a render and a photo, handmade and computer-fabricated.

Additionally, she is the Technical Advisor for the pioneering creative technology space Gray Area Foundation For The Arts (GAFFTA) and a co-founder of the internationally-exhibited arts collective Ardent Heavy Industries. Before focusing her attention on her solo practice, she was the co-designer of Syzygryd, a massive scale sculpture: electronics interleaved with industrial components, multi-ton engineered metalworks, music and light.

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