Nicole Aptekar

Transect Cascade is a sinewy volume of scattered intersecting black surfaces, frozen in time, held unnaturally in space by a grid of stainless steel aircraft cable. A single, contrasting shape is transected through this volume, revealing itself fully only when the piece is viewed from a specific angle. Cutting edge CAD and digital fabrication techniques allow for complexity to emerge from simple shapes, movement and grace to reveal themselves in the chaos, computational ideals manifest in tangible reality.

The sculpture is composed of black square pixel-like mount board elements on a tightly strung grid of stainless steel cables. The ‘pixels’ take on a physical form, but defy the ordinary laws of physics and gravity, hovering mid-air and intersecting each other chaotically to form sinewy, graceful shapes spanning the length of the seventeen foot window. The sculpture will activate the space through complex tensions of multi-dimensional geometry, teasing and engaging the eye with apparent chaos, until ultimately revealing bold order as a simple X-shape resolves itself from the negative space of the cascade.

In our lives, replication is a powerful pattern. Increasingly, music, movies, and photos exist as digital copies of copies. The myriad applications that allow us to engage with this universe of content are themselves built from reused and repurposed blocks of computer code, replicated in hundreds of thousands of instances across the Internet. Similarly, the quotidian objects of our daily lives have themselves become replicas, perfect instances of a great whole. Platonic ideals as mass-produced products.

I am fascinated by this phenomenon, and seek to embrace it to create beauty. Using a basic, repeated form of a square sheet of black mount board to communicate a large, spatially complex, and gesturally vivid composition, I am referencing this facet of our lives; How human-scale emotions and understanding can emerge from the repetition of simple elements.

Project team includes Laura Kogler, Arlen Abraham, Ian Baker, Mike Estee, Mary Franck, Becky Pier, Liana Lareau, Simon Sutherland, Christina Liu, Aaron Muszalski

Commissioned for the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial by Liquid Agency, ZERO1 and the San Jose Public Art Program with support from the National Endowment for the Arts

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